PCB Frontside

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Connectors Top Left to Right

J1 purple/purple – speaker, gray/white – left motor down switch
J3 – main brush motor
J4 – left motor and encoder (32 pins per revolution)
J9 – dirt sensors
J10 – to top panel, right side IR wall sensor
J16 – right motor and encoder
J17 black/red – vacuum motor in dust container
J18 black/green – side brush motor
J19 black/yellow – right motor down switch
J15 black/red – battery charger connector

Connector Bottom

J11 7 pin serial port connector 57600 baud 8-N-1

PCB Backside

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Connectors Left Top

J7 red/white/black – battery
J25 – bottom battery recharge pads
J2 – stairs sensors

Connectors Left Bottom

J22 green/green = front wheel down switch, purple/purple – front wheel down sensor
J8 – front bumper board

Connector Right Top

J24 – stair sensors

Connector Right Bottom

J23 red/blue/black – front bumper board, IR receiver: red – vcc, blue – IR signal, black – grd

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