The file below contains the precompiled modules to use an usb drive on the AR.Drone v1.0. It has been tested to work with firmware 1.11.3 and 1.3.3

Download usb-drive.tar.gz

To install, ftp usb-drive.tar.gz to the drone’s /data/video directory, then open a telnet session to the drone and execute:
cd /data/video
tar xzf usb-drive.tar.gz

The file and the recipe to create the the .ko binaries was found here:
Thanks Morten Daugaard and Thomas Vrang Thyregod!

Note: on my drone setting pin 127 did not enable the +5V on the USB connector, I probably blew up the pin in previous experiments!!! So, instead I used the +5V from pin1 on the navboard connector. This works, but only if the USB Stick is inserted after running the script…



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