The file below contains the precompiled modules to use an usb drive on the AR.Drone v1.0. It has been tested to work with firmware 1.11.3 and 1.3.3

Download usb-drive.tar.gz

To install, ftp usb-drive.tar.gz to the drone’s /data/video directory, then open a telnet session to the drone and execute:
cd /data/video
tar xzf usb-drive.tar.gz

The file and the recipe to create the the .ko binaries was found here:
Thanks Morten Daugaard and Thomas Vrang Thyregod!

Note: on my drone setting pin 127 did not enable the +5V on the USB connector, I probably blew up the pin in previous experiments!!! So, instead I used the +5V from pin1 on the navboard connector. This works, but only if the USB Stick is inserted after running the script…



4 Responses to “AR Drone USB Drive”

  1. Hi!

    Just found this blog and found it awesome. We are going to create a project using quadracopters and we were pissed because ARdrone was not allowing access to the board. This blog has been a blessing.

    By the way, you recommend us buying ARDronev1 o v2?

  2. Hi Hugo,

    I have modified the video program to incorporate a different algorithm to determine velocity and speed to experiment with several methods including looming and snapshot. For research at uni. 4th year thesis.

    Any chance you have developed the ‘fly’ program a little more so the video program can run simultaneously with it?
    Have you done the same with ARDrone version 2?

    If not, thnx anyway, I appreciate your code as the starting platform for me.

    • Hi James – Good to hear that you could use the code as a starting point! You can start your video algorithm from the ‘fly’ program as a new thread. I found that the Linux scheduler on the ARDrone does a good job keeping all threads running; adding a cpu intensive video processing thread should not slow down the refresh rate of the other threads. Of course, the update rate of the video thread will be slower than the main control loop, but the results can still be fed back into the main flight control loop. (The stock firmware does the same thing, navigation data refresh rate is 200Hz and the down facing camera runs at 60Hz.) I don’t have a v2 drone, but AFAIK it is pretty much the same as v1 with addition of a compass & pressure sensor.

      • Thanks for the reply, I’ll let you know how I go with incorporating the video algorithm into the ‘fly’ program. I will hopefully get on to it this week.

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