The front camera is an OmniVision ov7725 and the datasheet is available on the web.

The bottom camera is a “cresyn qcif”, I could not find further information for this camera.

You can download a on-board c program (source+binary) to convert the drone into a giant optical mouse. Hold the drone at a fix distance above ground and the program will report the movement in the horizontal plane.

i2c bus

The cameras are configured via the i2c bus. The front camera is on /dev/i2c-1 address 0×21, the bottom camera is on /dev/i2c-0 address 0x5d.

Bottom Camera Initialization

i2cset -y 0 0x49 0x0a 0x85     - sets Vdd4 to 3.0V
gpio 59 -d ho 1                - set CE enabled

After this the camara is visible on /dev/i2c-0 address 0x5d. Now send configuration via i2c. The configuration sent over the i2c bus can be extracted from a “strace” of program.elf, but I did not dig furter into this.

Front Camera Initialization

gpio 101 -d ho 0      - set PWDN_H 1=power down,0=active
gpio 109 -d ho 1      - set CE_H 1=enabled,0=not enabled

However: This still does not make the camera visible on the i2c bus. Running program.elf does make it visible on the bus, after which “gpio 101 -d ho 1″, “gpio 101 -d i”,  ”gpio 109 -d ho 0″, or “gpio 109 -d i” will make it disappear from the i2c bus.

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  1. Hello,
    Its very nice code. So I belive you can help me. I have own program to detect some tags. So I just need to get a video from drone. I would you be so kind and write some code how can I get video data, just the actual frame in unsign char?
    Just some function how to fill in unsigned char* image.
    Thank you

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