Motorola MC9S12DG256C CPV – datasheet (pdf 2.7M)
HC12 16 bit microcontroller, equivalent to MC9S19DP256
112 pin LQFP package, 20x20x1.4mm, 0.65mm pin spacing
Clocked with a 6 MHz Xtal
256K flash ROM
2x UART (pin89 RXD0, pin90 TXD0, pin91 RXD1, pin92 TXD1)
2x SPI
8x timer
2x 16 channel 10bit ADC
8x PWM
89x I/O channels
2x CAN 2.0A/B
1x I2C

The Roomba uses a tick timer with 4096 ticks per minute, this corresponds to the 67 times per second that the robot evaluates its state mentioned on the box.

Microcontroller Functional Pinout

Pin	Name	I/O	Cat.	Description
3	PWM1	O	nav	Motor R Control1. H=on
4	PWM0	O	nav	Motor R Control2. H=on
9	IOC0	I	nav	Motor R Encoder
10	IOC1	I	nav	Motor L Encoder
12	IOC3	I	vac	Side Brush Overcurrent = H
15	IOC4	I	nav	Motor R Overcurrent Sensor. H=overcurrent
16	IOC5	I	nav	Motor L Overcurrent Sensor. H=overcurrent
17	IOC6	I	vac	Main Brush Overcurrent = H
23	PB0	I	vac	Side Brush Motor Control. H=on
25	PB1	I	vac	Vac Motor Control. H=on
26	PB2	I	vac	Main Brush Motor Control. H=on
27	PB3	I	pow	Aux Power Control. H=on
28	PB4	O???	pow	??? Charger Enable
29	PB5	O	pow	Charger Control. H=enable charging
30	PB6	O	nav	Floor and Side Sensors Control. H=on
32	KWH7	I	ui	Input Pin on Serial Connector
33	KWH6	I	nav	Wheel-Up Switches. H=ok
34	KWH5	I	ui	Spot Button. L=pressed
35	KWH4	I	ui	Unconnected Button. L=pressed
49	KWH3	I	ui	Clean Button. L=pressed
50	KWH2	I	pow	Any Charger Connected (AC or Floor). H=yes
51	KWH1	I	ui	IR-Receiver
52	KWH0	I	ui	Power Button. L=pressed
57	PA0	I	vac	Dust Sensor1
58	PA1	I	vac	Dust Sensor2
59	PA2	I	nav	Bump Sensor L
60	PA3	I	nav	Bump Sensor R
62	PA5	I	pow	AC Charger Connected. H=yes
63	PA6	O	sys	Reset Watchdog Timer (1.6 sec timeout)
64	PA7	O	pow	??? Charger Safety Board. H=charger ok
67	AN00	I	pow	Bat Voltage. V(mV) = ADC * 28.1
68	AN08	I	vac	Vac Motor Current. I(mA) = ADC * 5
69	AN01	I	pow	Bat Temperature. T(degC) = 25 + (512 - ADC) / 9
70	AN09	O	pow	??? Bat Temperature Sense Enable. H=Enable
71	AN02	I	pow	Bat Current. I(mA) = (ADC - 512) * 6.523. Positive = charging, negative=discharging
73	AN03	I	nav	Floor Sensor L Back
75	AN04	I	nav	Floor Sensor L Front 
77	AN05	I	nav	Floor Sensor R Back 
79	AN06	I	nav	Floor Sensor R Front 
81	AN07	I	nav	Side Wall Sensor
87	PM7	O	ui	Power Led Green. H=on
88	PM6	O	ui	Power Led Red. H=on
91	RXD1	I	ui	Serial Port
92	TXD1	O	ui	Serial Port
100	PM5	O	ui	Status Led Green. H=on
101	PM4	O	ui	Status Led Red. H=on
102	PM3	O	ui	Dust-Detect Led Blue. H=on
103	PM2	O	ui	Spot Led Green. H=on
104	PM1	O	ui	Unconnected Led. H=on
105	PM0	O	ui	Clean Led Green. H=on
111	PWM5	O	nav	Motor L Control1. H=on
112	PWM4	O	nav	Motor L Control2. H=on

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